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What we do


What we do

At Canyon Creek, we pride ourselves on being a trusted co-packer for our customers. We specialize in crafting soups to perfection. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing process that is completely free from any additives and preservatives, we are able to deliver the highest quality and most authentic soups that meet our customer's exact specifications. Our team of experienced professionals work closely with each client to ensure their vision is brought to life, delivering a truly customized soup product that is sure to impress.

What we do

We are not just about soups - we are also experts in crafting delicious and authentic sauces that will take your culinary creations to the next level. Our facility is equipped with the right equipment to produce the most flavorful and high-quality sauces on the market. From tangy and sweet to spicy and savory, our sauces are made from only the freshest ingredients, with no compromise on taste or nutrition. Trust us to bring your vision to life, and experience the unbeatable taste and quality from Canyon Creek.

What we do

We are proud to be able to help you bring to market one of the most important items on the dinner table, gravy. We craft delicious gravies with wholesome ingredients. Whether you are looking add to depth and flavor to your dishes or simply enjoy the pure taste of a well-crafted gravy, we have the right team to bring it to life.

What we do
Side Dishes

We are able to produce a range of side dishes that are truly authentic and bursting with flavor. From classic mashed potato to innovative lentil blends, our side dishes are created with a commitment to keeping things simple and natural. As part of our commitment to quality and sustainability, we always do our best to source ingredients locally and across Canada.

What we do

We are able to offer a versatile range of format options for our customers, including bulk, tubs, pouches, and trays. Our facility is fully equipped which allows us to cater to businesses of all sizes in the food industry. Canyon Creek has the expertise and resources to deliver the perfect format for your product. We are dedicated to providing custom solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each and every customer. We can help you create a product that truly stands out in today's competitive market. So whether you are looking to launch a new product or expand your existing product line, trust Canyon Creek to deliver quality, reliability, and unmatched value.

What we do

For 27 years, Canyon Creek has been proud to offer a diverse range of products, including both private label options and our own branded products. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability is evident in everything we do. Whether you are looking for a trusted partner to help bring your unique product vision to life, or you are seeking high-quality products to add to your own portfolio, we are here to deliver the highest level of service and excellence. With a passion for food and a deep understanding of the industry, we are able to create products that exceed expectations and set new standards for taste, quality, and value. At Canyon Creek, we are not just a food manufacturing facility - we are a partner you can count on for success. The possibilities are endless when you partner with Canyon Creek.